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What are the benefits of individual counselling with a psychologist?



Sometimes counselling can assist when we can get stuck in unhelpful behaviours, patterns of thinking or old roles. At such times the support of another such as through professional counselling can be helpful to get other perspectives to help us to open up new possibilities and to enable us to see what we cannot  see.  This is particularly true when you consider that our brains are wired from an evolutionary perspective to focus on the negatives and potential threats in our lives and in so doing often overlooking the positives. Counselling can help you reconnect with your strengths and resources and help you to cope more effectively with personal problems, relationship difficulties and work-related concerns. At other times counselling can be helpful just to confirm that you are on the right track. We listen and work with you to develop goals. A strong evidence base underpins the therapies and approaches that are used.


Jenny brings compassion, warmth, honesty, kindness, courage, reliability and conscientiousness to her work which is grounded in a deep respect for the client – counsellor relationship.

Jenny is a Counselling Psychologist and is a member of The Australian Psychological Society’s College of Counselling Psychology.  Her areas of expertise as a psychologist are : managing stress, anxiety and depression, grief and loss counselling, / coaching on academic issues ( eg procrastination, perfectionism). She finds using mindfulness based strategies as well as CBT particularly effective but is also able to draw on a broader range of approaches including client centred therapy, gestalt therapy, psychodrama, psychodynamic , narrative therapy, family therapy and positive psychology to suit the individual needs of the client.


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